Aloe Butter® AloeB2OZ
Aloe Butter® AloeB2OZ

Aloe Butter® 2oz

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This butter is made from an extraction of Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) using a coconut fraction to produce a soft-solid which melts immediately on skin contact. It is suitable for a variety of cosmetic products and is also great by itself. Aloe Vera is known to be helpful for frostbite, itching, burns, insect bites, blisters, allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis and inflammation.

It is known to act as a natural barrier on the skin from dangerous toxins and can also help protect achy joints and muscles. Aloe Vera promotes anti-aging by keeping the skin flexible with it's fantastic moisturizing properties and nourishing it with vitamin E and C. It is also known to improve dark spots on the face and restore the natural beauty. This product is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition. Suggested Use Levels: Lotions & Creams: 3-5%, Balms: 5-100%, Bar Soaps: 3-6%, Hair Conditioners: 2-5%

Label on top of jar can be customized with your business name and phone number with a minimum order of 24 jars (does not need to be all one kind). Please note the two lines of custom text in the comments box upon checking out.

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