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Perfume Oil Direct LLC

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6550 SE Federal Hwy
Stuart, FL 34997

Call Toll Free: (800) 418-7373

Call or Text: (772) 266-2971
Call or Text: (772) 888 1564

Fax: 561-712-7951

Retail (Free Shipping):

Email: [email protected]

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm EST (excluding holidays)

Our current turnaround time is 4 to 6 business days.

More questions answered on our FAQ Blog

There is no minimum order when paying with PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card. A $100.00 product minimum applies to money transfer orders. A Per Order Handling fee of up to $3.25 is included in the shipping price on every order.


Perfume Oil Direct does not offer refunds or cancellations on orders that have been completed, shipped or delivered. If your order has not been processed or completed, we can cancel the order and issue a refund. If an order has been completed a 20% restocking fee may apply as everything is made to order.  

To ensure the quality of our product, we cannot accept returns on fragrances, lotions,shower gels, body butters, body sprays, raw shea butter and any product that is considered an open-able cosmetic. This is normal industry practice as well as Florida Health Law. Since the products are custom made to order, they can only be returned with prior approval. We encourage you to take advantage of our free sample policy to satisfy yourself of the high quality of these oils before purchasing larger quantities. This is to ensure that you will like our versions of the fragrances before purchasing a larger amount. We do not offer refunds in the event that you do not like our version of a fragrance so please test a sample first to ensure it suits your needs/preferences.  

Returns of other products (such as displays, aroma lamps, empty bottles and other non-cosmetic items) can only be made with prior approval - Call customer service at 772 617 4589 or email [email protected] for a Return Authorization Number(RAN#). If we can accept your return, you will receive a RAN# which must be written or typed prominently on the address label - any return without a RAN# will be refused. Customer will be responsible for any outbound and return shipping costs.  
Unless we have made an error on your order, a re-stocking fee of 20% will apply - this helps cover labor costs when preparing and shipping your order and inspecting and putting the items back into stock. Re-stocking fee also applies to order cancellations if made after order has been filled.   If an order is refused or returned without authorization, the customer is responsible for any outbound shipping costs we have paid and any return charges.  

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.


COD shipments are available to current customers who have at least one product order in the past 3 months and have had a minimum of 3 pre-paid orders. First time orders must be pre-paid.

Please note UPS charges a COD handling fee of $18.00 (as of 2023) in addition to the freight charge. This will be added to your order total.

We do not offer any custom work on COD orders - this means no personalized labels and no custom scented products such as massage oils. Please understand that because of the variety of products we offer, it takes time and costs money to prepare your order - we must also pay UPS up front for freight and COD fee - we are trusting you to keep your end of the bargain and pay for your order on receipt. If you fail to pick-up and/or pay for your COD shipment - you will be billed for all handling fees associated with your order (minimum $25.00) Unless there is a very good reason, we will not ship COD to you again.

Please do not obtain a money order until we have confirmed with you that your order will be shipped COD. Please make the money order out to Perfume Oil Direct LLC.

Due to the high level of returned COD's, we may require a deposit for larger orders. You may chose to apply this deposit to any order, however if the deposit is not applied, you may order COD's with no restrictions on custom work, amount or shipping method.


Due to online fraud, we can only ship to the matching billing address of the credit card used.

We understand sometimes orders need to be shipped to a different address, and in that case we have a Credit Card Authorization Form that we email to you. This form is to say "It is okay to use my card to ship to an address that is not my billing address". Once we receive the form back by fax or scan and email with all the correct information your order can ship to the address as requested.

For International or Domestic cards that do not participate in the Address Verification System, we will also need this form to verify your address.  


In the event that you receive an order that has been damaged in transit – please do not throw anything away. Photos must be taken of the outside of the box, inside of the box, packaging materials and any damaged contents. The shipping carrier also may need to inspect the package in the event of a claim. If there is no evidence to support a claim, we cannot proceed with a claim. For us to be able to help you, the damage must be documented thoroughly and reported within 3 business days of receiving the order.


It is vital that you enter all the correct details for your shipping address including apartment or suite numbers where they apply. UPS charges $16.40 (UPS sets this fee) for an address correction of any kind. As wholesalers our profit margins are too low to absorb these costs. Any charges for address corrections or re-shipments will be passed on to the customer if the address provided to us is incorrect in any way.

Common mistakes are wrong zip codes, lack of road directions (SW, NE etc), lack of "Street", "Avenue", "Terrace" etc after the street name and lack of the apartment/suite/unit numbers associated with the address. Please also be aware of your browser's auto-fill feature and make sure it is not entering incorrect information.

UPS and FedEx are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or APO/FPO Addresses. If you choose UPS Ground with a PO Box provided as the shipping address, we may change the shipping method to UPS SurePost which is delivered by USPS.

The shopping cart does give you a chance to review your entire order including the address before you check out. Please take that time to ensure your details are correct. The shipping label is generated from the information that you enter on your order.


We use USPS, UPS and FedEx for shipping. The shipping carriers base their rates on the weight of the package(s), service chosen, destination and dimensions of the box. The shopping cart is able to accurately calculate shipping for most orders.

We are always working with the latest technology and algorithms to help pull the most accurate rates. However, for some large and heavy orders, the website may not be able to calculate any shipping or it may not calculate the shipping amount correctly. We offer such a large range of products with no restrictions on quantities so this can make it difficult for shipping calculators to accurately calculate what size box or boxes an order will need.

For orders that need to ship in multiple large boxes, the shopping cart may not recognize this and will display a lesser rate than what is actually needed to ship the order. If the shipping rate calculated is significantly less than what the shipping carrier is charging us, we will contact you to let you know the balance we need to ship the order. If shipping rates are higher than what the shipping carrier is charging us, we will adjust the order accordingly and issue a refund for any overage.

Due to our low, wholesale prices, we are unable to absorb outbound shipping costs. The shipping rates displayed are pulled from the carrier website based on what the shopping cart calculates for the weight of the package. As mentioned previously, box dimensions and amount of boxes will also factor into the cost. There is a per order handling fee of up to $3.25 included in the shipping price displayed (provided that the rate calculated from the carrier is accurate). This is to help with costs of packaging materials, transaction fees and things of that nature. The shipping carriers also charge a higher base rate for the first 1 to 3lbs of weight in the package and the rates go up in smaller increments as the weight of the package increases. This means it costs less per item in shipping to ship more items at the same time.  


If you select an expedited shipping method such as 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, Overnight etc. please keep in mind that this does not bypass our turnaround time posted above. Expedited shipping only shortens the time in transit to you. It does not shorten the time it takes for us to process, fill and ship your order.


When using PayPal as your payment method, please make sure your account is VERIFIED and the shipping address used is CONFIRMED on your account. PayPal allows you to confirm a number of addresses with your account. Payments that come in from Unverified accounts and shipping to Unconfirmed addresses will not be accepted and you may encounter delays with your shipment.

If you send your payment through "eCheck", please bear in mind this takes 3 to 5 business days to clear. Your order will not ship until the eCheck payment clears.


Payment is authorized on the card instantly and automatically as the order is placed. If you do not have sufficient funds in the account, the order will not go through. If the billing address entered does not match what the bank has on file for your card, this may also cause the card to decline.

For added security, our system does not show us the full card number or allow us to charge additional funds. If you would like to make additions to an order after it has been placed, you will need to provide us with the payment information again. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 to make additions to your order over the phone. Please note we always attempt to get your order processed in a timely manner, so we may not be able to accommodate every request.


Any discrepancies or shortages with an order must be reported to us within 3 business days upon receiving the order. This is to help insure no tampering or accidental loss has occurred from the time the order has been received.


Due to new tax nexus laws, we are required to have a current and valid re-sale certificate on file from any business in the State of Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Virginia and Wisconsin purchasing for resale. If we do not have a re-sale certificate, sales tax of approximately 6.0% to 8.75% (exact percentage depends on your County and/or City surtax rate which is calculated automatically based on shipping address at checkout) must be collected for all orders shipping to addresses in these states. 

The only other exception are overseas customers using freight forwarders in Florida (and potentially other states). There are now some freight forwarders with exempt Florida addresses so shop around and check with freight forwarders to see if they have this facility.  By using a freight forwarder with an exempt Florida address, the automatic sales tax calculation system will recognize the address and sales tax will not be collected at checkout because your order is going to an approved freight forwarder for ultimate delivery outside the United States.


We ship to most European & Asian countries as well as CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, KIRIBATI, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. We use USPS, UPS and FedEx. The transit time depends on the shipping method chosen and your location. USPS First Class Mail International and USPS' services tend to be the slowest while UPS and FedEx are usually faster (where available).

Import duties and brokerage fees may be imposed by various authorities in your country and/or the shipping carrier and we have no control over this. It is the responsibility of the importer (you) to find out how much these fees will be as they vary by country and shipping carrier.

For small orders shipping to Canada, the brokerage fee is often the highest part of the fee and can exceed the original shipping costs. UPS and FedEx charge a brokerage fee - USPS does not charge a brokerage fee as of 2023.

If you do not pay the import duties and your order is returned, you are responsible for paying any outbound and return shipping costs. Your order would also be subject to a 20% restocking fee as everything is custom made to order

Please note that you must be the legal card holder of the credit/debit card you use, and we will only ship to the address your bank has on file for you for that card. Orders will not be shipped until we can verify this information. Most International cards do not participate in the Address Verification System which is our primary means of verifying that we are shipping to the cardholder. If your card does not provide address verification, we may need to obtain verification through a form that we will email to you. It is usually better to use PayPal with a Confirmed shipping address to avoid paperwork and delays.


As of January 1st 2021, we now must have a minimum order that exceeds £135 GBP (approximately $190.00 USD). This is due to new VAT Laws. Orders under £135 GBP are taxed in a new way. We would be required to register to collect and remit VAT on behalf of the UK. Unfortunately, this would increase our administration costs too much so the only solution is to require a minimum order for the UK. Orders over £135 GBP are still taxed in the old way at the boarder.


Samples are supplied in a 1 dram glass bottle with screw cap. First time customers may order 5 samples for a $6.95 s&h fee (United States only). This fee is refundable with first order of $100.00 or more in product. An additional 15 samples can be ordered on the first time order at 0.95 each. These are not refundable. This applies to samples only first time orders. This means no products can be added to this order.

Customers ordering $100.00 or more in merchandise may select or request 5 samples also, these samples will be supplied free, however they must be requested in the comments box during check out. Due to the extremely high demand for samples, we now offer the 1 dram bottle pre-filled at $0.95 each with no quantity restrictions.

We encourage all of our customers to try samples first to make sure you like our version of the fragrance.


All of our products do not display any of our company information and come with a generic label. Customized labels are available on most prefilled items as well as sheets of labels.

Please note - custom labels are provided on pre-filled items as a free service for our customers when certain order minimums are met. While we will make every effort to avoid errors - we will normally not replace labels due to minor errors. Thank you for understanding - we appreciate your business


We get numerous requests daily for best seller lists, however it is not possible to provide meaningful lists because what sells best depends entirely on your customer base. Preferences vary from one location to another, and depend on age groups, male/female mix etc. This is one of the few niche marketing opportunities available today. Most products today are mass produced for the mass market. The personal fragrance business is just that... personal. There is no easy way around it, you must get to know your customer base over time and this way you will build a loyal customer base and a long term enjoyable business.

Please see our blog for more details on this.


All our fragrances are developed from the original fragrance to ensure the highest standards of quality and the best possible duplicates. The approximate cost of developing each fragrance is 600.00. Many factors are considered before adding a new fragrance including the number of requests we get for a particular fragrance. We appreciate your input but please understand that while we would love to offer every fragrance, it is not always possible.


Bottles are not measuring devices. Even though they are referred to by their nominal size for example 4oz, 8oz etc they actually have a higher capacity. To ensure that we always deliver at least the amount of oil sold, each bottle is weighed for accuracy. For example, a 4oz bottle weighs 0.4oz and has a capacity of close to 5ozs. The filler weighs the bottle and if it weighs 4.4ozs or more, it passes, if less than 4.4ozs, more oil is added. This guarantees that you will always receive at the very minimum, the amount of oil you purchased, however the bottle will not be full.

Customer Confirmation of Sale

IF you chose to pay by Money Order, then we must receive your payment within 5 business days to avoid automatic order cancellation. Please be sure to write your invoice/order number on the check or send a copy of your order along with the payment to PERFUME OIL DIRECT LLC, 6552 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart FL 34997

IF you paid by credit card or PayPal then your order will be processed without delay. Wholesale Body Oils/Perfume Oil Direct LLC reserves the right to adjust prices and policies at any time as well as to refuse service to anyone.

If the website or catalog displays an incorrect price, we reserve the right to cancel your order and provide a refund or adjust to the current price. We encourage you to always order samples if you are not sure about any item, as all sales are final. Please see policy page for details.


In the unlikely event that we are out of stock of a product, if it does not effect a large portion of your order, a notice will be put on your invoice and the missing item will be refunded (for Debit/Credit Card/PayPal purchases) or credited to your account (for COD, Money Order or money transfer). If the item(s) make up a large portion of your order, we will contact you to either select an alternate item or see if you want to hold the order or refund the item.

Please be sure to check your email or voicemail so your order is not delayed.

Thank you for reading and understanding this Policy Page and if you have any questions, please be sure to contact us. We will respond to your email within 24 business hours.