Package 5 (60 X 1oz Roll-ons)
Package 5 (60 X 1oz Roll-ons)

Package 5 (60 X 1oz Roll-ons)

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This is an AWESOME display of fragrances measuring 16.5 inches long x 12 inches wide.

Two tier display comes with 60 large 1oz roll-ons in 30 different fragrances (2 minimum of each fragrance). Personalized gold foil labels and point of sale sign. Select your 30 fragrances from the PRINTABLE LIST and include the numbers in the text box on this page along with the name/business name and phone # or website or email address you want printed on the labels. This is a display that WILL be noticed!! BE THE FIRST IN YOUR AREA TO OFFER THIS HIGHLY POPULAR SIZE. (Display can also hold 1oz Boston Round bottles)

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