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Potent MaxAroma Burning Oil
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MaxAroma Air Freshener and Burning Oil

This versatile 1oz refillable bottle can be used to freshen the air and in your favorite aroma lamp. See our selection of lamps HERE. Super Potent so a little goes a very long way! Burn for 30 minutes then turn off the heat source and allow the aroma to fill the room. This product truly speaks for itself!

CAUTION: Do NOT use on skin. Use caution around fabrics or clothing. Do not leave open flames or electric lamps unattended

This product comes with a silver vinyl label which is more durable and the MaxAroma name on top.  If you are ordering 20 or more you can replace MaxAroma with your company name or a name of your choice and you can also add your telephone number for easy re-ordering. If you would like this product with a spray top, order HERE.


$4.50 each when you order 1-5 pieces

$2.35 each when you order 6-11 pieces

$2.00 each when you order 12 or more pieces

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