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Decorative Aroma Lamp
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This beautiful wire Aroma Lamp uses a tea light candle to warm oil in the top dish. Top dish is a separate piece for easy cleaning. It is recommended to add water to the top dish along with your oil while burning. Please note that there may be variations in the color of the top dish between Clear, Blue and Rose Pink. The colors are a little lighter in person, it is difficult to photograph the colors.

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$1.99 EACH

$9.00 PER CASE OF 6 (Quantity 6)

$6.00 PER CASE WHEN GETTING 4 or 5 Cases (Quantity 24 or 30)

$5.00 PER CASE WHEN GETTING 6 or MORE CASES (Quantity 36 or more) - ONLY 0.83 Cents EACH!

Always use caution around open flames and never leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children.

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