Choosing the BEST Fragrances for Summer
When the warm weather starts rolling in, you may want to reconsider your fragrance choices. Often times, a fragrance that smells lovely in the winter/cool months may end up being overpowering once the temperature rises.  Some may find that their go-to fragrance just does not have the same longevity. Warm weather tends to intensify many fragrance notes and accelerates the evaporation of the fragrance. We pack away our winter clothes in summer so why not do the same with your winter fragrance? 

Keep reading for tips and our best picks for summer!

Go Alcohol Based:
Alcohol has a drying effect on fragrances which makes them dissipate faster.  Alcohol based fragrances also have a lighter feel on the skin than non-alcohol based. 

Try a Solid Base or Scented Powder:
Solid Perfumes and Powders tend to be more lightly scented than a full Body Oil or Spray. Powder absorbs moisture and leave the skin feeling soft. Carefully layering the same fragrance in a spray, powder or lotion can make a world of difference.

Lighten Up:
If you normally go for concentrated Body Oils or Fragrance Oil Sprays, try using a Body Spray or something a little less concentrated.

Keep it Simple:
Try fragrances with less notes (Google your favorite fragrance notes to check it). Most fragrances develop and change over the course of a wear and heat just speeds up this process. This can make the fragrance leave your skin entirely before you want it to or combine notes into something that just does not smell right. Citrus notes tend to fair well in warm weather as well as white floral notes. Think “Light and Airy” instead of “Rich and Warm“. Generally, stay away from heavy notes like Patchouli, Vanilla or Cinnamon.

Give it Time:
Allow at least a full busy day of wearing a fragrance to give it a proper test. Wear it outside and while you’re out and about. It is hard to tell how a fragrance will be if you are only wearing it inside air conditioning.

Get a Second Opinion:
Ask a friend what they think of your perfume. Is it too strong? Does it smell how it should? Make sure they know it’s okay to be brutally honest if need be. Unfortunately our noses get adjusted to a fragrance on our bodies pretty quickly, making it difficult to judge ourselves.

Here are some of our favorites!

For Women:
Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh (L) Type
Marc Jacobs - Mod Noir (L) Type
Issey Miyake (L) Type
Bobbi Brown Beach (L) Type
Gucci Flora (L) Type
Gucci Bamboo (L) Type
Coach Poppy (L) Type
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (L) Type
D&G Light Blue (L) Type
D&G Dolce Floral Drops (L) Type

For Men:
Bleu de Chanel (M) Type
Jean Paul Gautier Fleur du Male (M) Type
Eros by Versace (M) Type
Michael Kors - Extreme Blue (M) Type
L’Homme Sport (M) Type
John Varvatos Artisian (M) Type
Creed Aventus (M) Type
Versace Man Eau Fraiche (M) Type
Nautica Island Voyage (M) Type
Acqua Di Gio (M) Type

For Both:
Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino (U) Type
Creed Virgin Island Water (U) Type
Creed Silver Mountain Water (U) Type
Creed Royal Water (U) Type
CK One (U) Type
CK Be (U) Type
Egyptian Musk (U) Type
Blvgari Black (U) Type
Bond No.9 Hampton (U) Type
Bond No.9 Central Park West (U) Type

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